Saoirse manifesto!

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Saoirse manifesto!

Post  MUFC92 on Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:04 am

Saorise is eIrish political party. We will always defend eIrish borders, eIrish citizens rights, democracy and free speach.

Saoirse is militarists party, republican party and democrative party. Saoirse is Irish word for "freedom", and freedom will always be our main goal. Freedom for eIreland and for eIrishmens.

We don't have ideology, this is a game, we only have expirience and knowledge to pick the best option for our country. We will always try to make the best decision in certain time. This game is dinamic, game is changing every day and we will be ready to give best answer on what is best thing to do in that certain moment.

Saoirse will encourage young members of our community to get more opportunities and to get involved in running this country. Future of eIreland is in new Irishmens and womens and that's a fact. One of our main goals will be to make a babyboom in eIreland, this is only way for our country to grow and it should be our national goal number one!

Militarists - We believe that military should be most important part of eIreland. This game is all about wars and we support investing government money in strenght of our national army and our soldiers.
We believe that eIrishmens can only work as united and this is one of most important causes of our party, we will try to unite all brave and useful Irishmens in one party - Saoirse and in one Military Unit - Irish Army (only Irish state-MU), but also in ICA (through history strongest MU).. This should be our main goal.

Democracy - All our members have rights to get involved in running this party. All our members will be able to decide about Saoirse decisions. We will have polls and votings about every major issue in eIreland.

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